Goodbye BeyondPod

Nov 18, 2009 at 10:51 AM

I loved BeyondPod.  What a great program.  But I now have to say goodbye.....the problems with WM6.5 (WM6.5.1, etc) are just too much.  Every time I burn a new ROM, I never know if BeyondPod will work or not.  I have searched for months for a replacement with no luck.  Finally, I have to say that I found something that is even better than BeyondPod.  I'm sorry to publicize it here on this site, but I think many people might be facing my same situation.....and since Stephen has said he is focusing more on supporting Android version now, he probably won't mind.  The answer is YoMoMedia.  The interface is great, very quick, handles podcasts just as good (maybe even better) as BeyondPod.  And it has a online solution, too....that syncs with your mobile.  You can even push content to your phone from the website.

Great replacement to BeyondPod.  If you are struggling with WM6.5 & BeyondPod, you should at least check it out.  YoMoMedia.

Jan 14, 2010 at 8:34 AM

YoMoMedia looks nice but doesn't have the same features of BeyondPod and in fact is a real pain to use with Podcasts.

The beauty of BeyondPod is that you set it up and forget about it. Just select and listen to your podcasts; everything else is dealt with.

YoMo doesn't do the following;

delete your podcasts when you've finished with them

remember that you've already downloaded the media and deleted it, so it downloads it again when you update all feeds

remember where you are in the playback when you return

allow you to select wireless only download - so you have to turn off automatic download, which means that it doesn't download the media when it updates

YoMo is not very well thought through as far as Podcasts are concerned.