Issues displaying WordPress blog feeds

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May 8, 2009 at 9:53 AM

Hi - I've just started using BeyondPod and have found that whilst it displays Blogger posts correctly in the feed list, my WordPress blogs are not so easy to read. These are the main three issues:

1) The post title is wrong - it seems to come from the first item in the body text rather than the title.

2) The body text displayed seems to be the 'extract' line only - if no extract line was set by the blog authour then a default amount of text is displayed but I beleive this is inserted as the extract line automatically by the blog itself therefore BeyondPod is just displaying the extract line. This means I have to open every post in my browser to read it.

3) A side issue connected with 2) is that because only the extract is displayed, no media (pictures, video, etc.) can be seen. Not the case with my Blogger feeds.

Is this something I'm doing, i.e. a setting I've failed to notice? Or is this a known issue of BeyondPod with WordPress RSS feeds?