What controls the display inside each feed?

Apr 13, 2009 at 11:56 AM
I love this program.  It's by far the best RSS/podcast reader/player out there.

My question is about the various aspects of the display inside each feed: (1) size of icons ("play", delete", etc), (2) text size, (3) whether you can finger scroll via TouchFlo or not.  These are key features that I use all the time.  However, some versions of WM6.1 and all the beta versions of WM6.5 available on XDA give bad results with this section of BeyondPod.  The icons will be too small, text is different than usual, cannot scroll through finger gestures, and the feed "web page" will not reload after clicking a feed entry as read.  In some WM6.5 versions, it's even worse -- the feed content page won't even display correctly.

How can I fix this?  Does it depend on some internal OS settings?  The version of Internet Explorer?

I really enjoy BeyondPod.  However, when these things happen, its functionality is severely limited.  You will be happy to know that compatiability with BeyondPod has become a major criteria for which ROM I choose for my Touch HD . . . I just wish I could eliminate that hurdle!  ;)

Thanks in advance.  Keep up the great work!
Apr 13, 2009 at 12:24 PM
Unfortunately because WM 6.5 is not yet finalized, it is difficult to tell what will be the behavior on each device. The icon sizes depend on the screen resolution (DPI). BeyondPod has settings for the most of the DPIs but WM6.5 adds more DPIs and the current build gets "confused". Unfortunately you can't test those on the emulators very well (... and all the donations I got over the last 2 years are not even enough to pay for a newer a device like Touch HD so I can try it on a real high resolution device).
As far TouchFlow - as you know, Windows Mobile does not have any built in touch support - TouchFlow is a something that HTC puts on top. BeyondPod has its own implementation of touch gestures, and now 6.5 adds its own - Such is the wired world of windows that based on the device manufacturer (for Example Samsung vs HTC), Rom version and device model  - you never know what works until you try it. Same is true for the browser - because BeyondPod embeds Pocket IE, older (pre 6.5) browsers  were so "temperamental", BeyondPod has several different ways to work around their various bugs. With the new 6.5 browser - there is a whole new set of issues that depend on the exact version of the browser.

Because of all the reasons above. I am actually waiting for the first official WM6.5 device to become available (in the US). At that point I will spend time and hopefully fix all issues at once and also make it so it can be downloaded thru Microsoft Market, which has its own set of requirements and testing and charges .....

Apr 13, 2009 at 10:05 PM
Thank you for the quick reply.  Look forward to seeing your software in MS Market.

Since I have quite a bit of experience with this on my Touch HD (the first app I install after a new ROM is BeyondPod to see how it reacts), I can tell you that this happens not only in 6.5, but also 6.1.

ICONS: The icons are completely different icons for play & delete (not just a bigger and smaller version of the same icon).  You must have included two sets in your app . . . or use some standard icons from the OS.  The larger icons are much more finger friendly.

SCROLLING/FEED DISPLAY EXPERIENCE: As for the scrolling, my experience that I can always control the "front page" (the ones with feed list) via gestures.  However, when I go into the feed display screen, there are two options:  (1) when I have an install on a "good" OS/PIE version, I can also use touch gestures there, (2) when on a "bad" OS/PIE, I have to use the scroll bar (not touch friendly) and the page has difficulties reloading when there is any change ("mark as read" or delete podcast, etc)

I hope this helps.  Good luck with your new version.  If there's anything I can do to help (donations, of course!), just let me know.
Apr 13, 2009 at 10:30 PM
Ok.  Here is something you can try. Under BeyondPod\RssTemplates\img\ are all the icons BeyondPod uses.  The icons directly under "/img" are the ones that are used by the feed display (html) view. The 2 folders 96 and 192 - contain the icons for the various DPIs that Beyond Pod encounters and are used in the other views. I think TouchHD's screen is 245 DPI - you can try copying  (or renaming) /192 folder to /245.  BeyondPod should use the icons from /245 folder.

As far as scrolling in the feed display (html) view - this is actually handled directly by the device's TouchFlow (or the browser) - BeyondPod does nothing there to scroll - The feed content view is just embedded Pocket IE that renders html BeyondPod generates. Usually if you can scroll in PocketIE - you can scroll in BeyondPod.
Jun 1, 2009 at 9:27 AM

Ok, the "/245"-hint worked fine for the icons - thanks!

Concerning the PocketIE scrolling issue, I had no such luck. My device (Touch HD) is running a cooked ROM (don't bash me!) with PocketIE 6 Mobile. Inside the browser touch-scrolling is no issue (probably controlled by the browser) but when using BeyondPod, the content is rendered by far too wide (left-right-scrollbar), the font seems quite large (for "smaller" being selected) and no scrolling by touch is possible (just text selection). Could it be, that PIE 6 Mobile (which is used in WM6.5 too) drops in some "compatibility mode" or tries to display for desktop resolution? Is there any way to tinker - or do I have to bite into the code (which I'm not good at)?