Streaming fix for older WM6.1 devices

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Nov 6, 2010 at 7:46 PM

While loving the balance of BeyondPod's features, the key use - and one that kept failing/freezing on my HTC Hermes - was passing the stream URL to my audio-player.  I use the Core player (one of the most feature rich) to manage most multimedia...but began to suspect incompatibility (or resource contention) with BeyondPod.  Ultimately, I was able to effect a work-around, with which I am quite happy:

1) Disable most audio "default extension preferences" within the offending player (in this case, Core)

2) Find/download GSPlayer - it's a golden oldie from the WM5 days, folks - and install

3) Be sure to enable all of the GSPlayer file associations, then restart...

4)...after this, BeyondPod happily invokes GSPlayer for its podcasts, correctly passing the URL and streaming begins.

Good Hunting, all